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What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?
Some Debt Collection Practices are Unfair and Against the Law.


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a well-known piece of federal legislation that's designed to protect consumers from unlawful debt collection practices. Some states have also enacted similar or supplementary legislation that extends consumer protection (such as the Rosenthal Act Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in California).

Here's a list of some of your rights:

1. A debt collector needs to send you a debt collection letter within five days after their initial communication. 
15 USC § 1692g(a);

2. You can request verification of the debt within the first 30 days of their contact. 15 USC § 1692g(b);

3. The debt collector cannot contact you again until they provide verification of the debt. 15 USC § 1692g(b)(a);

4. Another debt collector cannot contact you again for the same debt until you have been provided verification of the debt. 15 USC § 1692g(b)(a) and applicable case law; and

5. A debt collector cannot call you at work if you advise them that calling you at work when they had reason to know that it is not allowed by your employer. 15 USC § 1692c(a)(3)

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