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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicular accidents are among the most common type of personal injury cases that we've handled. Rear-enders, t-bone accidents, head-on collisions, drunk drivers, auto-pedestrian accidents, commercial vehicles--you name it--we've probably handled it.

A number of issues arise in a motor vehicle accident. Property damage is among the first of a client's concerns. Many law firms will not help clients with property damage because the attorney does not collect a fee for doing so. However, we have always helped our clients handle property damage issues.

We hand handled all types of auto accident cases. We will help you with property and finding a way to pay for medical care.

Other concerns that accident victims have following an accident is receiving medical care for the injuries sustained. While many accident victims have insurance, some do not. Liens can usually be arranged with doctors who will agree to be paid when the cases settles, thereby easing the burden on you of coming up with money out of pocket to pay medical bills that should be paid the the at-fault party's insurance company--they will not pay for the medical bills resulting from their client's conduct until the conclusion of the case--unless you have PIP or Med Pay coverage.

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