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Craig K. Perry

Craig Perry has been practicing law for over 26 years. Throughout his career, he has successfully represented thousands accident victims, including auto accidents, wrongful death and medical malpractice.


In recent years, he began representing consumers who are being  harassed by debt collectors and telemarketers in violatiom of state and federal laws. He also represents consumers wronged by consumer reporting agencies and the credit report furnishers who refuse to purge consumer reports of innaccurate information. In May of 2016, he argued one such case that was on appeal before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Mr. Perry is also currently involved in class action litigation for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. He handles consumer protection cases in Nevada as well as other jurisdictions, acting as co-counsel with out-of-state attorneys. 

Elizabeth Carrillo

Legal Secretary, Bilingual (Spanish)

Richard Small

Attorney, Of Counsel

Tyrin Salinas

Legal Assistant

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