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Get Doctors Paid™ Program

Doctors go to school to take care of people, not collect medical bills. In theory, medical providers are simply supposed to follow the steps to bill a patient's insurance provider or managed care organization and receive a check for services rendered. Increasingly, that's not how it works. Medical providers, surgery centers and hospitals have to fight with insurance companies to get paid for the services rendered. When they don't get paid, they have to write off accounts receivables, or waste much of their time and resources going after the patients themselves.

Craig K. Perry & Associates helps medical providers to get paid. We help enforce payment, taking that burden off of your shoulders. We can do this in several ways:

  • We challenge write-offs and disounts from health insurance companies and managed care organizations that have become commonplace;

  • We will appeal in-house decisions regarding non-payment, exercise contractual right provisions;

  • Litigate where applicable breaches of contract, unfair trade or claims practices, and violations of law;

  • For those who provide medical services on a lien basis, such as in personal injury cases, whether or not an attorney is involved, we can help secure payment, including a system of obligating direct payment from third-party insurance companies; and

  • We can also follow up with PI attorneys about case updates or payments not received, as well as handle interpleader actions.

We help both in-network and out-of network medical providers obtain the compensation you have earned.

One of the unique aspects of our program is that we do not seek payment from your patients. In our experience, it's better to pursue the insurance companies and MCO's who refused to pay the bill in the first place. This helps you maintain a positive, long-term relationship with your patients, while holding accountable those who in many instances should be paying the bills in the first place. Besides, most of the doctors with whom we have dealt tell us that sending patients to collections has yielded little if any money.

Another benefit of out-sourcing your collection woes to us is that it frees you up from some of the overhead of bill collection efforts in-office, saving you time, overhead costs, office space and aggravation.

If you're already losing thousands of dollars of year in uncompensated work due to non-payment, you have nothing to lose by contacting our office and seeing how we can help you, starting today.

We enforce your right to get paid for services rendered. We do not seek payment from patients, only from insurance companies who are obligated to pay.

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