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Documenting Your Claim

Whether you are the "called party" making a claim before filing suit or are ready to file a lawsuit, you always have the burden of proving your case. So it’s important to document the violations that occur. Without adequate proof to substantiate your claim, it will be difficult if not impossible to make a claim or successful win a lawsuit. We suggest that you follow these steps:


Keep a log of all incoming calls. Download this Excel spreadsheet:


IPHONE. Iphones show incoming calls, even calls you do not answer. You want to document the day and time of the illegal calls. To do this, you have to wait until the third day before taking a picture of the call on your phone, because the day of the call your iPhone will say “Today,” and the day after the call it will say, “Yesterday.” On the third day, it will show both the date and time. Once you have waited until the third day, do the following:

  • Take a screenshot of each call by pressing the power button and home button at the same time for 1-2 seconds. If your phone is not muted, you will hear a sound when the screen capture occurs (the default sound is the sound of a shutter on a conventional camera). Go to how to take a screenshot for a video demonstration. Make sure the caller information is showing before taking the screenshot. The photos are stored in your Photos > Camera Role on your phone, be sure to email them or download them off of your phone for safekeeping. 

  • Alternatively, use a digital camera or another smart phone to take a picture of each incoming call.

  • Keep a log of each call. In separate columns, a log should be kept that contains the incoming phone number, the date of the call, the time of the call, and reference to any visual or audio proof that you have preserved. Click on download button above to use a phone log that we have provided for you to instantly get started with your documentation.

ANDROID. Press and hold your smartphone’s power an volume down button at the same time for 1-2 seconds. Follow the same steps thereafter as outlined above. The success of this method depends upon the type of phone you have. Go here to learn which method works for your particular phone model, and go to how to take an Android phone screenshot for a video demonstration.

For a video demonstration of how to take a screenshot for the Galaxy S4, watch here.

For a video demonstration of how to take a screenshot for the Galaxy S5, watch here.

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