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Garnishment of your wages or attachment of your assets is something you never want to see happen. Often it happens when consumers don't know they've been sued and have a default judgment taken against them, did not bother to file an answer to the suit, or lost at trial. Now that you're being garnished, what can you do?

We've succesfully stopped garnishments when we find a reason to void or set aside the judgment. Sometimes they are pulling money from an account that is protected (social security benefits), and we can stop that, too. 

Don't think that all is lost if you are being garnished. There are still some things that you should investigate. Click through all of the reasons we list on the website that might nullify the judgment against you, contact us, and let's see what we can do together.

Garnishments can be set aside if there is a good reason to do so: improperly obtain judgments, wrong amounts, or money pulled from bank accounts that is protected.

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